Tiger: the Game is an upcoming action/adventure videogame developed by the Dutch videogame developer, Triumph Studios, and probably published by Disney Interactive Studios. The game is based on the book and main protagonist of the same name, created and written by the Dutch writer, Daniel Brongers. It is currently in the pre-production phase and is slated to be released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2014.


The game will be played as an action/adventure game, which will be played in 3D person view perspective. Players will take the roles of the Ancestor in the prologue, while Tiger will be featured throughout the rest of the game, where you need to fight several villians, explore several locations and solve puzzles. As you will proceed throughout the game, you will meet and work with several well known Disney characters including Mr. Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow, and others.

During the campaign, Tiger will also gain new powers and grow stronger as the story progresses. However, this happens automatically as no experience points is involved. However, in the consoles versions of the game, you will unlock special bonuses such as interviews, special outfits etc.


The story follows very closely to the novel; You play as Tiger, who dicovers he has powers and decided to defend his loved ones and the rest of the world from harm. In the Prologue, which will serve as a tutorial, you will play as the Ancestor.

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