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Disneyland Paris is a holiday and entertainment complex, which is located in Marne-la-vallée, a small town in the eastern suburbs of Paris, France. The entire complex is located 32 km from Paris and consists of two theme parks, one entertainment district, retail, dining and several Disney hotels.

In the Tiger Universe:Edit

Daan Hartman came to Disneyland Paris to heal his wound, a week after he was nearly shot to death by Bobby Salvatore. Daan reported at the Disneyland Hotel, the place he was staying at and where he also stayed there in his past visits. Shortly after he reported in, Daan bumped into Belle, who was looking for Beast. Belle explained that Beast went missing a few days ago, and she started to worry that something bad had happened to him. Daan told her that he would keep his eyes out for her and left to his room. In his room, he contacted his parents and told his mother he arrived at Disneyland Paris and that he was ready to take the necessary rest. His rest was short lived, however, as the Children of Light tracked him down to this location. Daan fought his way towards the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel, only to find that several Children of Light members held several civillians hostage, but was caught in a fight with the Incredibles. Daan fought alongside the Incredibles against the Children of Light and rescued the hostages. Afterwards, Daan and the Incredibles were attacked by Dark Beast, who appeared after the Children of Light were defeated. Caught by surprise, both Daan and the Incredibles were off guard during their fight against Dark Beast and weren't able to give their newest enemy the upper hand. However, as Dark Beast was trying to kill Daan, he looked up as Belle appeared and fled the scene. Belle yelled his name 'Beast' and ran after him. Realizing that their new enemy is Beast turned bad, Daan was determined to find and save him. Although Mr Incredible wasn't that much optimistic as Daan was, he decided to go with Daan to ensure Daan's safety.

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Tiger stayed mostly at the Disneyland Hotel during his many visits.

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