Beast Squad/Isang Lakas is a planned inter-company crossover between Daniel Brongers' Beast Squad and Isang Lakas, created by Pinoy comicbook writer and artist, Mars Ravelo.

This crossover event will be written by the Dutch writer, Daniel Brongers, creator of the established 'Tiger Universe' and it will be set in the Phillipines.

Beast Squad/Isang Lakas is only one of a few that Daniel Brongers is planning, the other being Tiger versus Mega Mindy.

As no publical rights were given to actually publish this event, this is currently considered as 'fanfiction' for the time being.

In april 2013, the story received the title, Beast Squad/Isang Lakas: Pinoy Crisis.


Sometime after Beast Squad defeated the Global Emperor and his minions, the team left for the Phillipines to take their well deserved rest. However, their rest is about to be cut short as the city is under attack by robotic beings. Unfortunately, Isang Lakas, the local superhero group, concludes that it was Beast Squad that caused all that chaos and destruction. Captain Barbell attacks Tiger, while the rest of Isang Lakas confronts the rest of Beast Squad. Eventually, both teams begins to fight until the intervention of the mysterious Mr X, which both teams realises who the real threat is. Eventually, they team up to fight the real culprit and his henchmen.


Beast Squad Isang Lakas
Tiger Captain Barbell
Thunderbird Darna
Firefly Dragonna
Grizzly Flash Bomba
Copycat Tiny Tony
Wolf Man

Lastik Man


  • The main villian for this story is a rich and powerful human being named Walter Maxwell. He is an American who went to the Phillipines to start his own bussiness. Daniel Brongers stated that this character is partially inspired by Superman's nemesis, Lex Luthor.
  • Another inspiration for this story is the Sega videogame, Binary Domain, where the protagonist face of a band of robots.
  • Tiger's love interest, Sarah Damen as well as his boss, Vincent de Vries, will not make their appearance in this story, although they will be mentioned a few times.
  • Disney characters will also not make their appearance, as Daniel Brongers wants to focus more on Beast Squad and Isang Lakas. However, due to his connection with Disney, the Disney Cruiseline, Disney Magic, will appear as a holiday cruiseline for the Phillipines.
  • Two characters from Tiger's first novel will appear; Bobby Salvatore (aka The Global Emperor) will appear in the prologue, while Mr. X will be appearing during the clash between Beast Squad and Isang Lakas. Others from Tiger's past will also make their appearance, including the Cyber Drones and the Cyberhounds.
  • The story takes place in a large city somewhere in the Phillipines, which is most likely Manila.
  • In English, Isang Lakas is roughly translated as 'One Force' or 'United Force'.
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